11 February 2016

Memories captured on film

Summer - Toronto, Nov 2015

A little walk down memory lane. Film pictures have this almost magical aspect to them. You press the button, hear the shutter, wind the roll of the film onto the next frame. And then you repeat. Once you've finished a roll, you put it away and move on to the next. I still have 4 or 5 rolls of film at home, waiting to be developed. Sometimes I have to wait weeks or months until I see the finished product... just hoping they turn out ok, and of course rediscovering all the little moments I had forgotten about. Here are a few shots Holly & I took in Toronto in November. Looking back at these makes me realize just how much I miss the city. 

I couldn't get my hands of any Fujifilm in Canada, so I went for Kodak for the first time in years. When I got these back, I remembered why I switched to Fujifilm in the first place! The colors were quite dull and just overall poor quality, which is so disappointing. But it's one of the risks you take when shooting on film! I got copies of them on a disc, so these have been edited a little! 

Summer x

Pictures taken on a Canon A1 - Kodak 35mm film

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