2 February 2016

Grey Stone

The weather here in S-W France has been lovely recently! I've been trying to make the most of it before the rain comes in a few weeks, covering the sky with grey clouds that hide the sun for weeks on end. The Sunday we took these pictures, it was so sunny outside that I could probably have worn just a light jacket!

Sundays call for laid-back, simple outfits. Despite it's shortness, I wore this long top over some thick tights and paired them with some flat loafers, that match the color of my trench coat. I feel like Navy instantly gives an outfit a more polished feel to it. Even though it's fairly warm out, I didn't want to risk catching a cold, so I wore this lovely grey marble-colored scarf. I love oversize scarves as they can be used as blankets in a number of situations (like during flights and lectures in cold rooms at university!) plus this one has a beautiful print on it! The grey tones of my outfit truly blend in with the stone bricks of the cathedral behind me aha!

Hope you are all having a lovely week! Summer x

Summer is wearing;
navy loafers + grey oversize scarf : zara
navy trench coat: tommy hilfiger
long grey fitted top: topshop


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