2 January 2016

Madison Avenue NYC

New York City. We spontaneously booked our trip late one evening, knowing that if we didn't book anything then, we probably never would. We had just over a month to prepare for our three day trip in the states. Three days definitely does not give you enough time to explore the city. We didn't even leave Manhattan, make it to Brooklyn or Queens, which is probably one of the things I regret the most. We probably could have visited it if we had planned our days a little better, but unfortunately our hotel didn't have free Wifi, so my idea of planning for things there went out the window, and it made it very difficult!

On our first day, we decided to walk down Madison Avenue, a street lined with high end haute couture shops in the Upper East Side of New York City. I'd heard of it beforehand, and I desperately wanted to see what it was like. When walking down the street, you feel like you've stepped into TV land. I loved admiring everyone's clothes, hair, shoes, cars... a world you thought only existed in films. I passed a few people that I recognized, that's for sure! The buildings were beautiful, some of them tall brick ones, others more modern. Holly & I kept stopping to take pictures of the architecture! All of the window displays were gorgeous too. Although we didn't enter any of the shops, it was nice to window shop, to gaze at the haute couture gowns and the priceless jewels that shown through the glass windows. Can't wait to go there again, perhaps in the warmer months!

Hope you've all had an amazing start to 2016! Summer x


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