19 January 2016

Knit Jumpers & A-line Skirts

Hello all!

It's the January blues. I feel this way every single year. Desperately clinging to the magic of December, reluctant to say good-bye to it. January is my least favorite time of the year. It's gloomy and daunting. We return to work, to university, anxiously contemplating the challenges the year ahead holds for us, hoping that spring will arrive swiftly. There are things we could look forward to though. The possibility of a white snowy blanket covering the ground, the crunch of snow and ice beneath our footsteps. The end of television shows hiatus', the release of highly anticipated films. Reading books whilst enjoying tea and cookies, in refuge from the rain. Netflix...and of course, warm cozy outfits.

I love a good knit jumper. Cropped, oversize, 3/4 sleeves, you name it. I treated myself to these two  Zara sale purchases just before Christmas. I'm always game for stripes, and I've been keeping an eye out for a black knit jumper. I love the versatility of cropped jumpers: they can be worn with high waist jeans, a-line skirts, culottes, under dungarees or even over a dress! Once again, I'm wearing my beloved a-line faux leather green skirt from Zara, and Holly is wearing her Topshop button down denim skirt. Both can be worn in either summer or winter, which is great! I opted for my DM's, but my ankle boots look great with this look too. Holly is wearing her new Timberland boots which are awesome.

I hope you are all enjoying your week-ends, despite the sad news of both David Bowie & Alan Rickman's deaths. I still can't believe it myself.

Summer x

Summer is wearing:
blazer+jumper+skirt: zara
bag: asos

Holly is wearing;
jumper: zara
skirt: topshop
shoes: timberland
bag: urban outfitters


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