7 February 2016


As the results of the first semester at Uni come through and the month of January comes to pass, it is with great pleasure that I, having slept 11 hours, sit on the sofa in my cozy onesie sipping a cup of tea at 2pm in the afternoon, writing this blog post, guilt-free. (lazy, I know. But it is my day off).

The day we took these pictures it was surprisingly warm, giving me the opportunity to wear my new corduroy a-line skirt from Zara. I've mentioned it before, but finding skirts that fit me properly is always a struggle, being 5ft10 with a small waist, it usually ends up being way too short (considering Zara doesn't have a tall section yet) but this one does fit perfectly, and I do love a bit of corduroy! (especially for a small price of 8 euros in the sale!). I stole Summer's fluffy cardigan and jumper to complete the full Zara look, paired with my fave lace-up black shoes. 

Hope you all have a great week, & for those of you at University like us, I hope you got the results you wanted!

Holly xxx

P.S: I've decided to make my snapchat public: hollyxread xxx

Full Zara look x

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