10 January 2016

Central Park, NY

It's hard to believe that we were in New York just under 4 weeks ago. I keep feeling like I didn't make the most of our time there. There were so many places I wanted to see, so many things I wanted to do, but for several reasons I just couldn't. 

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting Central Park. We did mention our experience there in some of our previous posts, but the park itself was so pretty we couldn't help but take lots of pictures, we decided to dedicate a blog post to it! We went there on our first day and on our last. Over the course of several hours, we walked past hundreds of faces (and hundreds of dogs), we stopped to watch the talented performers, we took in the brilliant views and admired the cheerful atmosphere that surrounded us. I knew the park was big, but it's hard to judge until you actually get there! We only made it halfway through, but even then we managed to see so many beautiful areas, I love how one section of the park can look so different to another. It provides the perfect escape for when the never-ending traffic, thousands of people and tall, tall buildings all get a little overwhelming. 


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