13 January 2016

Bow Bridge, Central Park NYC

I can not put into words how much I miss this place. It's strange to think I was there only 3 weeks ago, exploring the streets of Manhattan. Whenever I go visit a large city, I tend to have a few places in mind, but usually end up wandering the streets without knowing where I will end up. Sometimes that's the best way to explore a new environment. This was the second time we walked through the park, but this time we dedicated more time to exploring it. As an avid movie geek, I was looking forward to seeing the Bow Bridge with my own two eyes. I've seen it in a number of films, (Spider-man!) and couldn't wait to walk upon it myself. When we finally came across it, Holly & I couldn't stop smiling. It's a truly beautiful, picturesque bridge that offers a gorgeous view of the small lake and nearby buildings outside of the park. We were blessed with lovely sunshine that day, with a clear blue sky and brisk, refreshing breeze, which made taking pictures even more delightful!

Once again, I wore my blue Tommy Hilfiger trench coat, with my Zara fluffy cardigan underneath. I opted for thick tights that day, with my new Topshop long shirt/dress, which is a lovely fit. I borrowed Holly's new Timberland boots, (that have the ability to make you feel like a bad-ass) paired with some thick H&M socks, which were perfect for climbing the jagged mountain rocks that are located in a number of areas in the park!
Summer x


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