10 December 2015

Toronto Christmas Market - The Distillery District

A couple of weeks ago, Summer and I returned to Toronto for the week-end to walk around the city and attend the opening of the Christmas market. Sadly, it was our last visit there before we head home towards the end of this month. The Christmas market is definitely worth a visit if you're planning on going to Toronto before the big day: The Distillery District is packed with small stalls selling all sorts of cute Christmassy things, from food to drink, jewelry, hats and mittens and Christmas decorations, it was brimming with Christmas spirit! & the lights were absolutely stunning. Witnessing the giant Christmas tree being lit was beautiful.

I love this time of year- The music, everyone putting their Christmas trees up, writing cards, buying presents for their loved ones, decorating their house and garden with lights, it's always so wonderful to see the genuine happiness this event brings. My only regret this year is that I'm missing out on the build up to Christmas- I'm usually back home with my family at this point, decorating, wrapping presents and watching family films, but as our semester only finishes the 23rd, we arrive back home on the 25th. Which means that we miss out on the beginning of Christmas. But we're so excited to get back home and celebrate none-the-less.

Our trip in Canada has nearly come to end, hard to believe it's been nearly 4 months already. The final papers are being completed, we've started to say our goodbyes, and the suitcase is out. Up next is a 4 day trip to New York- which hasn't actually sunk in yet. Is this really happening?

Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I hope you have a great time with your families and loved ones, looking forward to finishing this semester so I can pour more energy into the blog again!

Holly xxx


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