17 November 2015

Screenwriting & directing: n'7 - Camera Movements in a short video; Summer READ

Short video: Short film "Awake" by Danny Blackstock

There are no camera movements at the start of the film, but a third of the way through we see more and more of them:

There is a camera tilt in shot n'9 which shows the amount of laundry on the floor before the boy's feet comes into the frame.

In shot n'15, the boy puts his dishes in the sink: there is a small tracking shot in which the camera follows the subject's hand gestures.

In shot n'16: There is a vertical pedestal shot in which the camera shows the room on the other side of the staircase.

In shot n'20, the boy puts on his coat before leaving through the door. A pan shot is used to follow this motion.

In shot n'22: A tracking shot in which the camera is following the close-up footsteps on the boy.

In shots n'24, 25 and 27 we have tracking hand held camera shots in which we are following the character.

Summer READ

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