7 December 2015

Screenwriting and Directing: Extra blog post - Holly Read

Screenwriting and Directing: Extra blog post

We finished filming our short film for our University project this week, it amazed me how fun the whole thing was! Our group consisted of 4 people and we all took turns directing, filming, acting and recording the sound. Luckily we had some good material to use which made the filming much easier and gave it a more professional touch (tripod, HD sound recorder, 2 cameras, editing software), and we all got along which made the whole thing much more enjoyable. All in all this experience definitely allowed me to think about what part of the industry I'd like to focus on, even though I thoroughly enjoyed all the aspects we studied. I would say that scriptwriting and directing have been the assignments I've enjoyed doing the most. 

We took the above picture on our first day filming last week- It took a while for us to set up (45mins-1 hour), check the sound, establish the camera shots and characters movements, but I think it went pretty well, despite having to repeat takes over and over because of some of the problems we encountered. I'm hoping to do more of this is the near future. 

Holly Read


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