29 December 2015

Central Park, New York: OOTD

Hello everyone!

It's been a while! Summer & I have returned home to France after studying in Canada for four months, it's been a very busy and emotional couple of weeks! I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to do a lot of travelling this year and I'm so grateful. Walking the streets of New York made me realize just how much is out there, and how lucky I am to be in a place where I'm able to do some of these things. I reminded myself every day of that fact and made sure I didn't take it for granted.

The city is buzzing, there were so many things that I wanted to see and do, but we had so little time. We tried our best to plan our days out in a way which would allow us to see as much as possible, despite walking 18k every day, it goes without saying that it was impossible to fit everything in. It was made even more difficult as we didn't have WiFi in our hotel (we've learnt our lesson- plan things out properly before hand!)

We took these pictures a little over a week ago during our short visit to New York. On our first day, we decided to visit Central Park for the first time, and it is absolutely beautiful. I'd heard so much about it, and many of my favorite films have scenes which take place within the park, but to see it in real was amazing. I only wish it was a little warmer, I can picture myself spending hours just sitting down on a bench, people-watching, thinking, writing... I miss it already. It's just as beautiful as everyone says. I still think it was one of my most favorite moments of our visit.

I had dyed my hair a couple of days before these pictures were taken- It's getting gradually lighter, more ginger than blonde- and I haven't quite decided which direction to take with it! Go blonder still and worry about roots and the curls disappearing, or let it grow out again? Try to match it with my almost-non-existent-hard-to-manage brows? I can't decide. I love trying out different looks but I've always been indecisive with the color. Anyway, that's why my hair has been changing so much recently!

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, and hope you have a great 2016!
Thank-you for all your support and lovely comments this year, every single one is read and appreciated!

Holly xxx

Boots: Timberland
Shirt, Bag & Scarf: Zara
Skirt & Coat: Topshop


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