25 November 2015

Toronto Waterfront

It was a Friday afternoon in mid-November. The sun was shining in the clear blue sky, the crisp air numbing my nose and fingers. The Toronto Waterfront was deserted, apart from the small army of seagulls that had gathered there to soak up the sunlight. We stayed for a good while, taking in the gorgeous view of the lake and part of the city skyline. The sun was just beginning to set, dusk light illuminating the tall buildings, the colors and rays of sunlight painting the sky an array of pale pinks and oranges. Eventually, once the cold breeze had chilled us to the bone, when my fingers could no longer press down on the shutter, we reluctantly left. 

I have barely spent a whole week in Toronto during my stay here, there are many areas I have yet to discover. However, this place here, is my favorite in the city. I could easily spend a few hours sat here, watching the planes touchdown across the water, the birds swarming the sky, the calming presence of the incessant waves rippling across the deep blue water. Knowing that I may not return to this place for some time fills me with sadness but also gratitude. I'm so thankful that I've been able to cross off another city from my bucket list. Here's to next time, Toronto.


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