9 November 2015

Screenwriting & directing: n'8 - nov 8th - Short Youtube Clip - Summer READ

Short film; Likeness, directed by Rodrigo Prieto, starring Elle Fanning.
  Trigger warning; eating disorder, bulimia, self harm

The camera starts with a close up shot of a woman, succeeded by a tracking + pan shot, following the woman through the house. The pan movements allow us to see the other people in the room, guiding us through the space and revealing the characters that are present. 
The rest of the camera movements consist of tracking pan shots, showing us the the interior of the different rooms in which the actors are located. A part from the woman at the start, there are no other characters that move; all are standing still or sitting, at this lasts until 2mins30; there are some characters that walk around, however they do not influence the cameras movements. 
The most significant camera movement happens at 3.30, when we are given an extreme close-up of a girls eyes in the mirror reflection; this shot accentuates the tears in her eyes, creating a more emotional effect. Followed by a several close up tilt shots on her mouth and eyes when she is screaming. The camera movement ends with a pan shot, following the characters movements towards the toilet.


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