13 November 2015

Screenwriting & directing blog assignment n'6: Picture analysis, Summer READ

A Man Feeding Swans In The Snow, by Marcin Ryczek
This photograph was taken by photographer Marcin Ryczek in 2013, it is of a man feeding swans on a snowy river bank.

The contrast between the pure white snow and the dark water is striking: the silhouette of a man dressed in black on the snowy bank feeding the white swans in the dark water. We have a lone man on the left as opposed to a number of ducks and swans on the right. This contrast between the left side and the right side of the picture is emphasized by the perfect straight line of the water front, it gives the impression that the photograph is a montage of two different ones.  What I love the most about this picture is the conflicting textures of the environment : dry snow on the left, liquid water on the right.

The Yin Yang symbol instantly comes to mind: two elements that seem like opposites are in fact complementary.

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