16 November 2015

Screenwriting and Directing: Nov.16th - Short video clip analysis - Holly Read

Screenwriting and Directing blog post for November 16th, Holly Read

Watch a short clip between 1-5 minutes on Youtube. Why does the camera move? Why does it start/stop? Why do the actors move? Where do they start/stop?


Clip : here

Short Clip: Breaking Bad: Jane's death scene

This scene from the award-winning TV show Breaking Bad shows one of the characters' death scene. Walter White walks in to the characters apartment, finding 2 characters (Jesse and Jane) passed out on the bed, high with heroin. 
Walter White is the only character who physically moves. He begins the scene by opening the front door, and the camera moves to follow his movements to the side of the bed placed in front. The camera moves to show a shot on the heroin injections on the table next to the bed. The shot illustrates the situation therefore the camera had to focus on that object. Walter attempts to wake up Jesse by heavily shaking his shoulder several times and calling his name, he fails and accidentally moves Jane's unconscious body on to her back. The camera moves to show her vomiting as a result of the drugs and choking. Walter quickly reacts and moves around the bed from instinct but just we think he's going to help he hesitates. The camera switches between a close up on Walter's face and a medium close up on Jane dying. 
Walter White begins at the door, then the side of the bed, then he walks to the other side of the bed. There aren't that many camera movements in this scene but the shots that are important are very well established: the shot on the heroine injections that Walter examines by the side of the bed, Jane's body turning from the side to the back, and the final shot of Walter's face when he realizes what he's done. 

Holly Read


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