22 November 2015

A week-end in Toronto - part I

It's scary just how quickly time passes. It's already mid-November, I've been in Canada for three months. I only have a few more weeks before I return home. I can already feel the bitter-sweetness, the eagerness of being back in the comfort of my own home, and yet the sad thought of leaving this place behind. Holly & I have been trying to make the most of it, trying out nearby coffee shops and restaurants... but the truth is, we've been studying so much that these past few week-ends have been spent at my desk in from of my tablet, writing essays and doing research! But this week-end, we decided to plan a short trip to Toronto with some friends, to escape the essays and presentations. 

It's cold here in Ontario, in these pictures I'm wearing tights under my jeans, with a pair of socks on top too. Under this jacket, I'm wearing a jumper over a long sleeve top, and I actually had to wear my blue trench coat over it too. My fingers went numb every time I took a picture. 

I bought this cardigan/jacket from Zara the last time I was in Toronto. It's probably the most snug item of clothing I own! The speckled design is so pretty too. 

When we returned from Toronto last night, snowflakes were falling and covering every single surface in a beautiful pure white blanket. We spent 15 minutes outside taking pictures, admiring the sheer beauty of it. I will post a photo diary of our trip soon! I post more regularly on Snapchat and Instagram, so feel free to follow me on there! Summer x

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Summer is wearing:
chunky knit jacket/cardigan: zara (new)
black jumper: mango
jeans: asos
bag: urban outfitters (new)
books: topshop


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