15 October 2015

Toronto - Part I

Finally, we had some time off uni. We had some mid term exams leading up to the small break, so apart from some random uni blog posts about screenwriting and directing, our blog has been pretty quiet. Since September, we've been trying to decide how to spend the precious time we have off from  uni. This is the only free time we get until Christmas, so we knew we had to make the most of it. Ideally, we would have traveled to Montreal & Quebec, but unfortunately living on a student budget made it impossible. So instead, we decided to spend a few days in Toronto!

This city is the very reason why I wanted to study here. It's only an hour and a half away by bus, and it's beautiful. It has a lovely, easy going vibe to it. The art & culture scene has a strong presence, and throughout the city there are many green spaces that offer the perfect respite from the concrete jungle. It never felt overwhelmingly busy or crowded, and we were blessed with gorgeous sunshine for the entirety of our stay. It's made up of several districts: financial, entertainment, fashion... & the layout is very straightforward; we found it really easy to discover without getting lost, and of course the   CN Tower is the perfect visual reference point. Once again, I bought way too many clothes with me, expecting chilly weather (I was SO wrong!) and we updated our wardrobes with some great new buys. Oops. 

This trip was the perfect escape from the staggering amount of uni readings I have yet to do. I loved the city, We went shopping, saw The Martian, took pictures, enjoyed great food... Overall, it was an amazing little trip that I hope to repeat someday. Holly & I had a great view from our hotel room, with the beautiful city skyline looking back at us. The highlight was probably discovering the splendid St James Park on our way to the Distillery District... You'll see soon enough. Hope you are all having a wonderful week! If you're interested in more frequent updates, remember to check out our Instagrams ( @ summergoldilocks  & @ hollyxread )or add me on Snapchat: summerrread

Summer x

So close to a SPN convention :(


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