4 October 2015

The pleated midi skirt

I've wanted a pleated midi skirt for such a long time now- I was so pleased to find the perfect one from Zara! It fits perfectly around the waist and I'm in love with the deep blue colour. I decided to mix it up a bit by matching it with a graphic tee- (Summer's, to be precise) & this suede peccary jacket from Mango (also Summer's, yes I know), the result is a casual outfit with just a hint of my true personality. I meant to write this post a few days ago, but University has kept me so busy. The workload here in Canada is much heavier compared to what I'm used to back in France. I have 5-6 tests per class here, whereas back home I only have 2. & Mixed with all the readings, it quickly builds up, to the point where I'm spending all my free time during the week at University studying and (almost) panicking. 

We took these pictures on a night-out in town with our new friends, making the most it's nice centre and delicious restaurants. 
I'm hoping to post some more pictures soon and hoping to keep the blog as active as possible- which is already proving to be difficult with the temperatures dropping so low so quickly. I don't think I can physically or mentally manage to get out of bed when it drops below -10, let alone stand outside and attempt to take pictures (it was only 7 degrees today and I nearly cried because I felt so miserably cold). But, I will suffer when the time comes!

Other than that, Summer and I have been receiving some exciting collaboration e-mails, and this week Eight Magazine ( Instagram : ei8htmag ) launches it's first issue, in which we contributed two articles. It marks the first time we've done any kind of free-lance journalism- and we're hoping to do some more in the future!

I hope you all have a great week, and if you're struggling through the uni workload- you're not alone! We got this.

Holly xxx


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