21 October 2015

St James Park, Toronto

I love cities. I was bought up in North London in my early childhood before moving to rural France, and when I started uni I moved out of home into a city (more of a big town) in the southern-west area of France. As I grew older, I realized how limited my opportunities where in the countryside. All my friends lived over 30 minutes away by car, the closest decent shop at least 15 or 20 minutes away too, and having to rely on people driving me everywhere became increasingly frustrating. How could I develop any hobbies, be productive, do 'normal' things when I was so isolated? (Don't get me wrong, living in rural areas has it's upsides!) All this changed when I started uni. One of best friends lives 5 minutes away from me. I can accomplish so many things in a short amount of time. Opportunities are more present. Living in a large town after spending most of your life surrounded by fields is one thing, but discovering a major city for the first time that isn't London is another, It's mind-blowing. This time last year we visited Chicago, and it was my first time seeing towering skyscrapers.

 When we arrived in Canada, I couldn't wait to visit Toronto so I could once again be among-st incredible feats of engineering and architecture. I wasn't disappointed. I loved walking through the financial district, with the large buildings reflecting the sunlight off it's windows. Yet just a few blocks away, Queen Street West had a great Brick Lane vibe to it, and Old Town is the historical core of the city, with Brick Buildings dominating. On our way to the Distillery District located in Old Town, we came across the St James Park, which reminded me of my home in the countryside. It's a truly beautiful spot, perfectly laid out and home to a collection of plants, flowers, animals and insects. The Autumn colors enhanced it's beauty, the warm colors surrounding me. I sat on a bench for a good three quarters of an hour. I watched an elderly man feed countless birds, witnessed squirrels running along tree branches, and admired the insects made visible by the golden sunlight shining through the gaps between nearby buildings. In the corner of the park, a beautiful fountain was the hub of the little green space. Hopefully I'll be able to return to this little paradise soon. Summer x


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