19 October 2015

Scriptwriting & Directing: Character profile, October 19th: Holly Read

Character profile: Annabeth Tailor

Anne is 22 years old. She was born into a catholic family and attended catholic school for most of her education. She has one brother and another sister. Her parents are very religious: they say grace every night and always show their support for their country, their patriotism towards the US. Anne was a curious girl and loved being social. She loves reading books, watching films and documentaries, she loves indie and instrumental music. She's curious about people, asks alot of questions, she is very driven. During the 1st ten years of her life she had a happy childhood, she had many friends at school, boys and girls. When she was 11 she asked her parents if her friend Jake could come over to play. Her Dad quickly said no without giving an explanation. She overheard her parents talking about it later that night, Jake couldn't come round because he had 2 mums. She didn't see anything wrong with that, and she always wondered why her parents were being so aggressive. 
In the next five years of her life, Anne immersed herself in literature, reading hundreds of different books from different countries. She started to ask questions during classes that her teachers refused to answer because they deemed them un-appropriate. After reading hundreds of books and exploring the internet, she discovered a whole new world and learnt all about gender studies, social justice movements. That's when she started picking up on her dad's sexism and homophobia. Her school had only white kids and they never had any kind of sex education or any lectures about social justice movements. When she was 15, her brother James came out as gay and was violently thrown out of their home. She would secretly visit him at his shelter and go to support groups with him. She made friends in the LGBT community. For years she didn't dare confront her parents; but she soon stopped saying grace at the table. Soon after that, during her free time she secretly began taking part in protests and LGBT movements. Online and when she could, in the outside world. She spent all of her free time in the library. She started to lose friends when she confronted them about their judgments. She started to get bullied. 
 When she was 17, she protested against the unjustified arrest of a queer woman of color. The protest started out peacefully, but when the police arrived they started to randomly batter the protesters and made several arrests. She was taken to jail, where the police called her parents. They were completely appalled; their daughter had ruined their reputation, she was 'confused' and brain-washed. They made arrangements for her to go to a psychiatrist every week, gave daily lectures about what is right and wrong, they even took away her phone. Finally, when she turned 18 she left home to start a new life. She met James in a different city, and they lived there for 3 years peacefully, no longer in the damaging environment. She made new friends who shared her interests, she lived among open-minded people who strived to make a difference. She went out alot, she didn't like to be alone- it reminded her of her isolation back home. She began working part-time at a support group during her studies, she also ran a blog where people could submit articles on the latest social justice movements. She wanted a career as a social worker.  
For 3 years she tried to get over her traumatic experience with her parents and, despite everything she cared about, she even felt sorry for them. She joined clubs and tried to stay involved with the community. She and James had found a nice apartment and even had a cat and dog: they helped her deal with the panic attacks she suffered after the traumatic experience. She made sure to stay in contact with her younger sister, who became her parents' favorite and their pride. But, all that changed when her sister fell pregnant at 16, Anne and her brother James had to make a plan to help out her sister in the safest way possible.

Holly Read

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