6 October 2015

Screenwriting & directing: week 3, Summer Read

  • Watch the beginning of any film: do the first 10 minutes correspond to either B or F model? If so, what's similar?
  • Use F model to create a basic story + basic 'ch', (a few lines for each)
  • Go through a newspaper article, magazine, find a story that interests you. (Spend 5-10 minutes interveiwing someone that you know.)


Chosen film: The Maze Runner, Wes Ball, 2014

The Maze Runner is an American science fiction, dystopian action thriller based on the YA novels by James Dashner. The film follows Thomas, a teenage boy played by Dylan O'Brien, who is delivered to the center of a maze where a large number of other boys have been trying to build a society there, whilst also trying to escape the ever changing labyrinth surrounding them.

The Maze Runner's first ten minutes correspond to Field's model:

-The main character is established: Even though we don't learn his name until 15 minutes into the film, the first 10 minutes are enough to establish his personality. Thomas is inquisitive, driven, unyielding in his search for answers.

-Launches the dramatic premise: The story is about a boy, Thomas, who is delivered to the center of a field surrounded by tall, looming concrete walls. His has no memory of who he is, where he came from or who is responsible for placing him there.  He isn't alone: there are about 50 other boys who have shared this experience. 

-Illustrates the situation, the circumstances surrounding the action: None of the boys know who put them in this situation or to what end. The only connection they have to those who put them there is the "box": a lift that brings supplies every month along with a new person. Only a select few, the "runners" know what truly lays beyond the walls that close every night: after three years of mapping the maze, the runners have yet to find a way out. 

-Creates the relationships between the characters: Thomas meets Alby, the leader. They are soon joined by Newt, who has respect for Alby and is also his friend. Thomas forges a bond with Newt. Thomas has two rough encounters with Gally, a hostile belligerent character. He also meets Chuck, the young, innocent side-kick.


Create a basic story and character using Field's model

SUBJECT: Two friends on a school trip discover a strange prison in the middle of a canyon. Together, they attempt to liberate the captives from their cages.

ACTION: Physical action: a rescue mission set in a dangerous location, with physical obstacles.
                 Emotional action; moral obligation, responsability.

CHARACTER: Dramatic need: rescue the prisoners & complete the task at hand. Do the right thing
                   Action is character: difficult decisions to be made, question of morals and accountability. Being responsable for putting other lives in danger. Destruction of property and environment which provokes guilt.


I decided to interview a friend of mine for this assignment:

"What interests you?

-I am interested in psychedelic music. It's a genre of music that I guess began in the sixites, pinoeered by bands like The Beatles. It branches into lots of different effects peddles. The only way I can describe it is music that makes you feel like you're floating around in space.

When did this first draw your attention? Who, what, where?

-It started in 2012, when I was introduced to a band called Tame Impala at a party by a friend. 

How has it impacted you emotionally, morally, physically?

-That band in particular has emotionnally impacted me so much because I relate to the vast majority of their lyrics. And if I just need to escape from everything, I can put their music on and it's so soothing.

Does it influence your thoughts and opinions as well as your decision making process?

-I don't think it's really impacted me morally, because the songs aren't really about learning anything. It's more just about feelings I can relate to. It's like they confirm my decisions."

I was very pleased that they were willing to talk about something they were so obviously passionate about. Not only were they educated about the subject of the interest at hand, but they were willing to talk about it so openly.


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