26 October 2015

Screen-Writing & Directing, Oct 26/Week 6: Picture Analysis - Holly Read

Blog post for October 26th / Week 6, Holly Read:

-Choose a photo and post it to your blog, analyse it. What do you see? Why does it work?

35mm film - Canon A1

I took this picture on my Canon A1 film camera. The picture was taken from the inside which appears to be pretty dark. It's daytime: I can see the silhouette of my sister opening the door to go outside. She isn't wearing shoes and she's standing on her tiptoes. Her arms are raised to open the slide door and pull the cord to stop the alarm going off. The dark silhouette strongly contrasts the brightness from the outdoors. We can only just see the furniture of the living room to the left of the picture, in the background we can see the edge of a swimming pool and grass. 
I think this picture works because the big square door is placed in the middle of the frame, and the strong black and white contrast allows us to see the silhouette perfectly. If we take a look at the lines in the picture, the horizontal lines of the door are parallel the frame of the picture. 

Holly Read

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