25 October 2015

OOTD: Toronto

This post was supposed to be published last week, but once again, I've been drowning in University work, which has been preventing me from contributing to the blog in any way. BUT it's the week-end, and yes I do have 3 exams next week again but keeping this blog up-to-date is important to us! 

We took these photos on our second day in Toronto- The weather was perfect for walking around and discovering all the shops down King & Queen Street. This was the first time Summer & I have done any kind of travelling on our own- and Toronto's busy streets, friendly faces and delicious food definitely made it a memorable experience! We were concerned about exploring an entirely new city which we knew nothing about, but I don't think there was one moment where we felt unwelcome. The only problem we had on this day was the camera that decided to play up, resulting in blurry pictures. We managed to capture a few great moments though- I loved the small square in front of the CN Tower and the Blue Jays stadium. The whole city has a really nice vibe to it: modern, but full of character none the less.

Strangely enough, Summer and I are wearing complete Zara looks with the exception of one jacket (we're lucky that we get to share each-others clothes!): Summer is wearing the black culottes, paired with my stripey crop top and burgundy waterfall jacket. I decided to wear a plain black shirt and matched it with the mustard colored a-line skirt, throwing my perfect structured jacket from Topshop on top. As you can tell we finally purchased a battery and some film for our Canon A1! So excited to see our pictures once they get developed!

Hope you all enjoy your week-end! Mine will be split between studying and binge watching How To Get Away With Murder!

Holly xxx


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