15 October 2015

Screen Writing & Directing: week 4 - character profile, Summer READ


 Her usual name was Annie. But every now and then, it would be Jane, or Maisie, or her personal favorite, Sydney. Her real name was Andromeda. She always questioned why her parents had named her after a someone who gets chained to a rock and offered as a sacrifice to a sea creature. Maybe her parents were into Greek Mythology. Or maybe she was named after the Andromeda Galaxy. Either way, she liked her name. It was odd and unique, like herself. There was no way of knowing why her parents had named her so, as they had died when she was only a toddler. Annie had inherited everything, their business empire, the multi-million estate, the lands... everything. 
Annie had just turned 21. She only had one more year at university. In her free time, she would write in a little cafe she had recently discovered. On week-ends, she would do volunteer work, rather at the elderly home down the street or cooking meals for the homeless,  Helping around at an retirement home didn't feel like work. Her Nanny had lived in one since Annie was 19.

Annie didn't have many friends. Only acquaintances, people she did uni work with etc. Annie struggled finding people she had common interests with. Most people in her uni class were boring and constantly talked about pointless subjects that led to nowhere. Annie didn't see the point in socializing with people that had little to offer her in terms of personal growth. Mostly, Annie kept to herself. 

The Nanny was the only person who Annie truly cared for. She was kind and generous, open minded and also stubborn. Apart from her Nanny and her pets, Annie cared little for anyone else. 

The first ten years of her life were filled with happy memories. Her Nanny raised her after her parents had died. Her Nanny made the decision to send her to a 'normal' school. She made sure Annie had several hobbies, which included reading, writing, sports and going to the cinema. Annie had friends growing up, mostly neighbors kids that would come over. She had pets, a cat and a dog that kept her company.

Annie's teenage years were a little more difficult. She eventually lost contact with her childhood friends, they just didn't seem to have anything in common, apart from rich parents. Annie took solace in writing, writing in her diary, writing short stories, everything and everything. At High School, she became more aware of her privileged status. And she hated it. Her high school was rich kids only, and most of them were pretty cool. Others were just self-obsessed and arrogant, believing themselves to be above everyone else. Some would befriend her just because of her namesake. Annie also began questioning her parents business. It seemed morally wrong and destructive. All this contributed to her future hobby.

When she finally finished High School, Annie decided to relocate. Not too far, just somewhere normal. When she was old enough, Annie made the decision to sell her parents business. Her Nanny had helped her in the matter. Annie had no interest in it. When Annie turned 18, she offered the Estate to her Nanny, but she refused. So Annie sold that too. She only kept the lands. She didn't see the point in keeping the Estate. It was a mansion, filled with materialistic goods that were so excessive it made her feel disgusted. She also felt no emotional ties to the place. So she moved to the city with her Nanny and pets. Here at least, she was more free.

In Annie's free time, she would completely change herself. She would become Jane, or Maisie, or Sydney. This hobby first began when she was at high school. She hated being recognized because of her namesake, so she bought a wig and some clothes different to her usual style, did her makeup differently and Jane was born. She could go out without drawing attention. It was liberating. This continued, and eventually Annie would 'become' Jane or Sydney, depending on where she was going and what she was doing. The books she read and the films she watched were great inspiration, and influenced her immensely. When she started university, she had more free time, so she started going to cafes as Jane to write or read, and listen to other people's stories. Other days, Annie would explore the neighborhood as Maisie. But on week-ends, and during her time with her Nanny, she was Annie. By the time she was in her early twenties, Andromeda Sage was a master of different personas. One day however, Annie discovered that her Nanny had been questioned by someone mysterious, asking about Annie's parents. That day, Sydney Haven was born.


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