9 September 2015

Uptown Waterloo

Hello all!

It's a busy past week! Holly & I had Orientation Week at uni, which took up a lot of our time. It was so much fun though, in the past few days I have spoken to people from all corners of the world, from South Korea to Australia, England to Austria, Germany, France, Japan, Hong Kong and others. 
Our wifi was also out for a few days, meaning we missed out on blogging for a week! I've missed it and can't wait to catch up on everything that we've missed, and of course post some new articles!
Today's post is a collection of pictures we took in the City we're studying in for the next four months. It's a beautiful place with hundreds of cafes, restaurants, bars and some lovely parks too. I'm looking forward to exploring it more once I settle in a little! It's actually hotter here than it is back home. It's hit around 30-31' the past few days, and the humidity is insane! Canada is definitely NOT cold at the moment!

Summer x


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