16 September 2015

The Golden Hour

Fall is officially upon us. The temperature here in Ontario dropped to 14' from 30' in a matter of days, and as I'm writing this, I'm in my pajamas wrapped up in a huge blanket: I'm the actual embodiment of grossness. But hey, what are Sundays for?! Although I'm going to miss the beautiful sunshine and heat, not to mention the longer days, Autumn has a beautiful feel to it. Our surroundings transition through a whole palette of colors, with golden yellows, burnt oranges and reds, without which Autumn would be a sad time. Coffee shops offer Cinnamon & Pumpkin flavored drinks, and we can finally wear those jumpers and coats that have been hiding in the backs of our wardrobe for what seems like ages. I'm looking forward to cozy outfits, layering and the autumn nights watching tv and enjoying tea and several handfuls of cookies.

Here are a collection of pictures we took on our phones recently, Holly & I took the bus downtown and went to a coffee shop, which was pretty good but pricey. (the cookies didn't disappoint) Since updating my phone, I've been posting on Instagram more frequently, so if you're interested give me a follow! 

@ summergoldilocks

 Hope you guys are having a lovely day! x


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