11 September 2015

The Fall Trench Coat

As yesterday was our first day of our third and final year of uni, Holly & I decided to take the bus to the town center, about 15 minutes away, in the hopes of discovering a nice place to shoot some blog pictures. We haven't been able to shoot any outfit looks recently, and we were so excited to get back into the blogging world. We arrived at the location, 10 minutes into our picture-taking this middle-aged, weathered man walked past us and said hurtful and unnecessary comments to us, completely putting a downer on our day. We all know that it can be a little awkward shooting in public places, and we've definitely had our fair share of stares and curious looks in the past. That, I can deal with. But rude and injurious comments that stick with you for the rest of the day are simply awful and unneeded. Politeness and good manners cost nothing, regardless of your status or the circumstance. Holly & I decided to stop taking pictures there, and after walking two blocks around town and trying a rather over priced tea stop, decided to head back to our apartment and shoot there instead, in the comfort of our own neighborhood. A single person does not reflect the entirety of a domain, but it only takes one to put you off from returning in the near future. 
The day soon brightened up, with the help of some good music, and knowing that tomorrow we will be visiting Niagara Falls with the other exchange and international students! I'm so looking forward to seeing the picturesque famous place for myself, and of course sharing it on this platform!

I decided to make the most of the warm weather before the long summer days end, so I borrowed Holly's awesome Topshop 70s a-line skirt and paired it with this knitted top from Zara and some ankle boots. Holly is wearing this gorgeous navy blue, flowy trench coat from Zara. I have my eyes on a trench coat from Mango, it's the perfect transitional outerwear piece and it so sophisticated!

 Tonight I plan on watching Lost & The Originals after enjoying some tacos. Have a lovely Friday night! x


I saw a cute dog 


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