28 September 2015

Screenwriting and directing, Week 1 : Holly's Story

Alfred had imagined hundreds of different scenarios to explain his loss of memory. He was in his 20’s when they pulled his almost lifeless body from the water. The 1st few weeks remain a blur. He remembers the numbness in his legs and the throbbing pain in his left shoulder. He remembers the fear and frustration he felt when he woke with no memory of who he was, or where he came from. No-one knew what happened to him or what he was doing when the accident occurred. He couldn’t understand the doctors, he didn’t even speak their language. For decades he lived without knowing his true identity, the true story behind his mysterious accident. He went to start his new life in the States in hopes of someday discovering the hidden truth.

Decades went past. He was never able to discover any kind of information regarding his identity. No birth records, school records, hospital records… He didn’t exist. & so he became Alfred. He lived his life as best he could. He went back to school, he started training. It wasn’t a bad life, despite his low immune system. He was always sick. One random thing after the other, like his body was rejecting the world.

Towards the end of his life, Alfred starting getting ill more and more often. He eventually was forced to live in a retirement home where he would receive 24h care. He had no family that could visit, most of his days were spent writing and people watching.

One day, he had visitors. The younger man introduced himself as Michael, the older man as George. “We have been looking for you for a very long time”.

2 weeks later, the three of them gathered by the side of the cliff to admire the mountains that encircled the sea. The same mountains that Alfred first saw 60 hears ago. “This is where I first saw it. It was fast, loud, but no one believed me.” Michael smiled as he set the timer. Research became easier with time, he said. "The only other strange incident that occurred that same week was your mysterious appearance. George has done this before. Looks like you’re not the only visitor we've had here".
He made his way back to George and Alfred, and they turned, and stood in silence as the ticking of the camera timer ticked to zero.

Holly Read


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