22 September 2015

Evening sun

S : I've got so used to wearing high waisted skinny jeans, that when I first saw these pictures I couldn't help but think something was wrong! These are the first pair of low-waisted trousers I have bought in a loooong time. I've been trying to buy clothes other than jeans, like cropped trousers or culottes and midi pleated skirts. These five pocket trousers from Zara are an amazing fit, I usually feel uncomfortable when it comes to low waisted clothes, but these didn't fall down once. I even felt brave enough wearing this top with it, which I consider to be slightly cropped. (Yes, my belly made a few sneaky appearances but nothing too bad). Lately I've been binge watching The Originals, and I think that, once again, my personal style is being influenced by fictional characters. I love this outfit, it's casual, even with heeled ankle boots. This suede peccary jacket from Mango has been a wardrobe favourite for almost a year now! It's perfect for transitional wear!

We took these pictures in the early evening sunlight, when the beautiful golden glow gives everything in sight a magical appeal.

H : This fake leather skirt from Zara is a bit of a struggle to get in to, but once it's over the hips it fits my waist perfectly- I've always loved a-line skirts and this one has to be one of my favorites, just because it's the perfect size for me! (even though technically it does belong to Summer). I paired it with this new sheer long-sleeved top, also from Zara, a perfect transitional piece as it's not too heavy or hot in this unusual Canadian heat. Although saying that, as I'm writing this, dark rain-clouds are gathering up preparing for a heavy storm, you'll be seeing us in jumpers soon enough!

Hope you're all having a great week!xxx


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