27 September 2015

Burgundy Trench

I can't believe I've been here for a month already, and I've already done so much! These past few days have been so much fun. The day these pictures were taken, Holly & I were meeting up with some friends for dinner & then the next day was Homecoming! I've been trying to find a balance between uni work, going to the gym, meeting up with friends and chilling: the first few weeks are always tough, trying to figure out how to manage the workload (which is lot heavier than what I am used to back home), but so far I'm really enjoying the classes & I've met some incredible people! Also excuse my awful hair at the moment, I changed the parting here and it did not feel right at all, but it's in serious need of a cut, still havn't decided on what to do yet.

There are very, VERY few shops here, so I think of my shopping will be done online, unless I go to Toronto every other week-end! I bought this waterfall front trench jacket from Zara recently, and it's perfect for this time of year. Not only is the color gorgeous but it's a great length too. I have a little obsession with this 70's Topshop a-line skirt recently, I keep borrowing it from Holly's wardrobe. 

I've decided to make my snapchat public too, so add me if you like!

Snapchat : summerrread

Summer is wearing:

waterfall front burgundy trench jacket: zara
box bag: asos
side slit tee: zara
suede ankle boots: mango
70's a-line skirt: topshop


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