26 August 2015

Winchester Bros.

This shirt will always bring a smile to my face: I bought it at a Supernatural Convention last October. In the near future I'd like to share more looks with you all that are more 'casual' and personal, more me. Obviously I love all the outfits I post on here, and yes of course I wear them out, but I never post the outfits I wear on a laid-back day. I want to share my favorite Marvel shirts, my fandom shirts, my Stephen Amell shirt and my Always Keep Fighting shirts. The shirts that really mean something to me for different reasons. Those are the shirts that I feel most comfortable in.

I love the Winchester Brothers story and I'll always be inspired by those characters, which is why I freaking love this shirt. Not only does it reference my favorite fictional characters but it has an awesome design and fits perfectly, I love how it looks with this Topshop denim skirt! (I have actually been living in it).

We took these pictures a couple of weeks ago when Summer & I stayed at our flat for a week- I look so incredibly tired, despite spending most mornings lying in bed doing nothing! It's strange to see my hair so long again, I'll be cutting it as soon as I arrive in Canada! Our flight is tomorrow. Looking forward to sharing the journey on here!

Hope you're all enjoying your last few weeks of summer! How is it nearly over already?!

Holly xxx


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