3 August 2015

Crop & Docs

Ahh the a-line skirt. I've always struggled to find skirts that fit me right, even the one I'm wearing is a little too big around the waist. but I feel like the a-line skirt is the one that fits me, and that suits me the best. I have a small waist, but I have a bigger butt (I have no idea how to explain it otherwise guys, the butt word must be used), which makes it super difficult to find a piece that fits my waist without being too tight on my hips. Most of the time I find one that fits, but it isn't from the tall section, so it's waaay too short on me. That's why I love a-line skirts, because it shows off your waist without being too clingy on your legs, and if you find one that fits right, it looks great.

Thankfully Topshop never lets me down, with a wide collection of a-line skirts all ranging from different materials and patterns, it was hard to decide on which one to buy. Which is why I bought 3 at once. 
This lovely one has a 70's vibe that I love- I'd describe it as a 'tweed' material, a little rough, the perfect mix between orangy-red and white fabric. The color isn't too bright and overpowering which is great, I just couldn't wait to style it, I also believe it would look good with tights, making it the perfect transitional piece. 

Summer & I decided to explore the town, seeing as we won't be staying here again for nearly 5 months. We've always enjoyed visiting historical places, so we made our way downhill towards a quiet area by this Church, named Eglise Sainte Radegonde, dating from the 6th century. We were accompanied by a super cute cat that we cuddled for a good 30 mins. We called it Boudica. 
Summer wore a different style to mine on this day so we decided to do two separate posts this time!

Hope you're all having a great week! 
Holly xxx

Skirt : Topshop
Crop top : Mango
Rucksack : Urban Outfitters
Shoes : Doc Martens


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