29 August 2015

Dream Diary: Scorched

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I looked up as soon as I heard the door latch and curiously watched as another stranger entered the room. The empty room was beginning to fill up with more and more people. I sat on a chair, my legs swinging under me. I stared at all the unfamiliar faces and silently watched each new arrival greet another, all their faces etched with fatigue and trepidation. I eventually turned my gaze away from them and began examining the room I was in. Or cave, to be more specific. It wasn’t a scary cave, dark and dusty… it was light and open. Glass windows made up an entire side of the cave, allowing natural light to illuminate the room. The stone walls that made up the other three sides of the cave were ragged rock the colour of tan, casting a strong orange light, and the floor was made of soft sand. The room was furnished, chairs and tables scattered throughout the open room. I searched the now crowded space, desperately trying to find the person that would comfort me, an anchor in this strange situation. Finally, a space cleared in the crowd and on an armchair, curled up and reading a magazine, sat my mum. I jumped off the chair and ran across the room, as fast as my little legs would carry me. Small clouds of dust sprung up behind me after each footstep and sand filled the spaces between my toes. I pushed my way through a group of adults chatting and leaned on the edge of the arm chair, tilting my head so I could look at her. Mum, is this real? Her eyes lifted from the magazine she was reading and looked at me: Yeah, of course it is. My eyebrows knotted together in a frown. Oh. My mum gave me a smile before resuming her reading. I turned away from her and looked down at my hands. I could see them clearly, my small fingers were all accounted for. I looked up and found that more people had entered the room. I once again pushed my way through the crowd of adult strangers who were all standing, waiting for something. None of them seemed to notice of me as I pushed passed them until I located the source of light in the cave room. I finally arrived and sighed a breath of relief. In front of me, the large looming windows stood before me, the glass stretching from the sandy floor to the rocky stone ceiling. I looked ahead of me and stared at my reflection in the window glass. The 7 year old me stared back at me, confusion and worry written all over her face. I frowned and focused beyond my reflection. The desert landscape was unsettled, clouds of sand drifted across like waves in an ocean. The waves of sand were all being drawn towards the center of the desert, the tornado swallowing them and growing by the second.

Summer Read.


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