11 August 2015


H : I know I'm definitely behind with the whole button down skirt trend, I'm so happy I finally got my hands on one during my last visit to the UK. This is probably the first time in about 5 years that I've worn any type of denim, it kind of reminds me of my early middle school years for some reason. I thought it was time to push back old miserable school memories I associated with the denim skirt and make some new ones. Fair to say I'm really pleased I bought this piece because it just looks so nice! I still have a problem with it being too big around the waist, but I love how it looks with this cropped Zara top.

We decided to explore more of our city on the day we took these pictures, making our way downhill to the oldest building we've visited here, built in 1096 : Abbaye Saint-Jean de Montierneuf.
It was completely deserted, not a soul in sight; Summer and I spent a good half an hour taking in the beauty of the architecture and the beautiful light reflected through the stained glass windows. 

S: I wanted more of a laid back look on this day, and this white flowy top with bell sleeves was the perfect choice. It's a great statement piece and requires little effort to style it, it's slightly cropped and looks great with skirts, shorts and jeans (looking forward to styling it this fall!) This a-line skirt is Holly's, and the best thing about it is that it has actual pockets! It's amazing the difference that makes aha! I eventually decided to wear my beloved hat because of the bright sun beating down on us as we walked around town. Will be writing about the cathedral we visited soon! x


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