20 July 2015

Twins in matching dresses

Hello everyone!

We had an hour or so to run around town to take some outfit pictures, before heading out and meeting our friends for the night. We finally decided to visit this giant Cathedral a few streets away, having heard so much about it, and we were in complete awe of it's beauty. Needless to say we had no idea how surprised we would be.

The Cathedral, named 'Cath├ędrale Saint-Pierre' began construction in 1162, and was fully completed in 1379. I've always loved visiting old churches and cathedrals, not only to admire the architecture, the hard work and craftsmanship that went into it, but also because I'm fascinated by the idea that thousands of people have stood at this exact same place over hundreds of years, from different paths of life, all for so many different reasons.

It was an interesting location for taking photos, we took most of these in a quiet street just on the side, where you could enter the Cathedral through a smaller door.  The next day, Summer & I got up early and returned there to take some more pictures in front of it!

As you can see, Summer & I finally decided to step-out wearing the same dress in different patterns (we haven't done this since we were about 5. Can we pull it off? Can we?) Summer's red dress has a more oriental pattern, alluding to traditional Japanese clothing. My dress is more of a soft, ditsy blue print.  It's the perfect summer dress, one of the very few that fits us perfectly, hugging in all the right places. I love the detail in the print, and the bell sleeves- the neckline is flattering, without being too revealing. The dress fits just right around the waistline, enhancing the curve of our backs without being too tight! They were both on sale at Mango, so we couldn't resist! We took some more photos here with better lighting, which we'll be sharing soon!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!
Holly xxx


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