4 July 2015

The Culottes

Ahh yes, the culottes. I fell in love with the trend when it first popped up on the runways and I'm so happy it's still going strong. I have so many looks planned with this gorgeous structured piece from Zara, the material is beautiful and it's such a flattering shape, it fits perfectly! The defined pleats at the front are the perfect details and the side zip is really discreet. I bought these a few months ago for Florida but I haven't had the chance to wear them since! I went for navy blue, not only because it's my favorite color but it always looks sophisticated and elegant.
This piece is so versatile and can be worn for any occasion. I've seen so many people styling it with blouses and long-line blazers for an "office look"; a cropped jumper, trainers for a more casual sporty look and heels for an evening look! I decided to pair this with my white lace top and new loafers, both also from Zara, for a casual chic look. Let me know what you guys think! Hope you are all having a wonderful week xx

Summer x

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