1 July 2015

May in 35mm film

Hello everyone!

I'm so pleased with how these pictures came out. We bought a different kind of film whilst we were in Florida, using Fujifilm instead of Kodak, and I've really noticed a difference between the two! We have also been paying attention to how much light we're letting in. These pictures just seem to be much clearer and less grainy than some of the others we've taken in the past!

We took these during our trip in London at the end of May. Most of them where taken when we were out and about with one of our good friends Jake in London- (I took most of them which is why I'm only in one of them, this collection is mostly of Summer!) I hope you enjoy them! Do any of you use film cameras? Do you prefer digital or film? Let me know what you think!

Remember to take extra care of yourselves this week! In France it's about 35', keep water and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream close by! x

Holly x

Camera : Canon A1 film camera, 35mm

Summer & Jake

Brick Lane, London

Jake & Holly, Knightsbridge


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