30 July 2015

Into the woods

Hello everyone!

For the first time in over a week, Holly & I finally found a moment to go out and take some pictures. The sun was finally shining after a few days hidden under layers of wet, grey clouds, and so we wasted no time and made the most of it! 

It's easy to forget just how beautiful the french countryside is, especially if you've lived there most of your life. Whenever Holly & I come home from uni for the week-end, we spend as much time outdoors as possible. Sitting in the sun, surrounded by our animal compagnons, the rustling of tree leaves and a variety of bird songs as a soundtrack. We decided to go on a walk down a green lane just down the road. Running around dirt lanes and amongst fields is all fun and games until you discover two ticks and several bites on you (not fun!) I decided to wear this smock dress I also wore to the beach in Florida. The dress has a carefree feel to it, almost like a Chloé girl. Holly is wearing this lovely black smock dress with a dropped waist and a snug cardigan, perfect for fighting off the early evening chill.

Living here can get a little boring at times, as you have to drive for at least 15 minutes before finding any sign of civilisation. (The zombie apocalypse could have happened and we wouldn't even know it.) So Holly & I are going back to our flat for a while, making the most of it before we leave for Canada at the end of August! I still can't believe it's happening, but we're both so so excited for this new adventure, and as always, I can't wait to share it here.  Summer x

Holly is wearing:
black smock dress: mango
cardigan: h&m

Summer is wearing:
yellow smock dress: zara
box bag: asos
hat: h&m


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