26 July 2015


As we mentioned in our previous post, we visited this gorgeous cathedral a few weeks ago, situated a few streets from us in Poitiers. Holly & I decided to return the following morning to shoot some more outfit pictures, when the direct sunlight wasn't shining on the face of the cathedral, blinding us! We only had an hour to get there and shoot the pictures before running to catch the train home to the countryside. Needless to say this is my new favorite picture spot. The square is quiet, not too far away and you find beauty at every single angle. Today we decided to have the cathedral as a backdrop, too beautiful to resist!

Holly bought this delicate lace top a few weeks ago. I fell in love with the detailing and the cut: the intricate lace detail on the sleeves, just covering the shoulders. The perfect neckline, not too plunging. The peplum-like waistline, with a slight ruffle. I decided to toughen up the look a little bit by wearing some high waisted mom shorts and my docs, but you can easily wear the top with some white lace shorts for a softer look. 

Summer x

Summer is wearing:

shorts: Asos
shoes: Doc Martens


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