11 July 2015

Cornfield Chase

Taking outfit pictures during the hottest week of the year is a struggle. We've been melting in 35-37 degree heat in SW France, and being an extremely pale, sensitive-skinned tween, I can't bear to go out in direct sunlight. These pictures were taken in the evening, around 7 o'clock, in the fields around our home. We live on the outskirts of a small french village in the country-side, so we are surrounded by fields. I always forget how beautiful and peaceful it is here, it feels so good to take the time to go on a small walk down the dirt lanes, and get lost among the different crops. 
It's hard to believe that we finished our second year of university over 2 months ago- the time is passing so quickly, and there are so many things I want to do before we leave for Canada at the end of August (is that really happening?!). I'm always thinking about different posts we could share on here- we'd love to hear some suggestions! Summer & I have been baking a lot recently, it was one of the things we really wanted to do during our time off, I'd quite like to share some of the recipes on here one day!

Coming back to our outfits : with the strong heat, I decided to wear this beautiful paisley print Zara jumpsuit- perfect for hot weather. Summer wore this printed a-line skirt paired with this cropped bell sleeve top, both from Topshop! Sandals from H&M x

Thank you so much for all your comments on the last few posts- we read every single one, and really appreciate it! Hope you're all having a good week, and staying hydrated!

Holly xxx




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