16 July 2015

Button down shirt + pinstripe trousers

Cut-off Levi's, a random shirt and some flats. This sums up my outfits over the past few weeks. Being back at home is wonderful despite having lots of maintenance work to do. Painting, gardening, moving what feels like an endless amount of boxes, getting everything ready before the guests arrive in the gites.

 These pictures were shot in our garden, something we haven't done in what feels like forever!The sun was concealed behind a blanket of clouds for the first time in days, offering us a short respite from the blazing heat. Holly & I decided to style some laid-back looks, something you would wear on a easygoing, careless evening.  Once again, navy dominates my entire look: these stripey pants from H&M that elongate and flatter my legs, the material light and comfortable. And behold the most awkward top I have EVER owned! I bought it from Zara a while ago, intrigued by the odd cut and shape: it has a cape-like addition to it. (I can't say how many times I've unsuccessfully tried it on, and ended up with my arms stuck in the air) I do love the low cut neckline and flowy shape though. Holly is wearing this collar shirt from Zara. I love the pleat details on the front and back of the shirt, and it can be styled in so many ways: buttoned up or down, work under a pinafore dress or even undone over a top and jeans. I can't wait to wear it with some skinnies and ankle boots this fall. These shorts are from H&M, affordable, stylish and perfect for the summer. They are high waisted and THEY HAVE POCKETS! hooray!


Holly is wearing:
white shirt + loafers: Zara
shorts: H&M

Summer is wearing:
top: Zara
trousers + sandals: H&M
backpack: Urban Outfitters


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