8 July 2015

A-line Topshop Skirt

Don't be fooled by the hair, that is me in these pictures aha! Not much a difference really, but still startling. I bit the bullet and tied my hair up in a little top bun because my curls weren't behaving. I wear my hair up a lot at home when I'm not doing anything, but for pictures I've always thought it looked weird. Thoughts? 

For the first time ever, I bought a skirt from the tall section. I don't know why I've never done it before to be honest, I guess I never considered myself tall enough to shop there! But this past year especially I've found that I struggle a lot to find skirts and jumpsuits that fit me properly. There was a time that I would go in to Topshop for hours and leave with nothing because nothing fit me. Tops too tight on the chest and under the arms. The dress barely fitting over my hips but perfect on the waist... Now I know what size to get, what length, what suits me and what doesn't. This look is a lot more *chic* than usual. I fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it: the flattering a-line shape that highlights your waist line and your thighs. The button down detail that is currently in every fashion magazine. The cute light print that brightens up the whole look. I did buy a cute white top to wear with this look, but on the day we took these pictures it was wet and stormy so I left that combo for a warmer, sunnier day! Holly bought this top a while ago but still hadn't worn it so suggested I wear it for this look. And the jacket is also Holly's. And the shoes. And the sunglasses. 
Summer xx

Summer is wearing:
top - skirt - jacket : Topshop
bag : Asos
shoes : Zara


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