16 June 2015

Stan Smiths

I was lucky enough to experience some early summer weather a few weeks ago in Florida. I was surprised how well I felt in that humid climate. I'm used to hot weather since I've lived in south west France since I was a child, so the 30+ heat was very welcome, but I was a little worried about getting heat stroke and headaches from walking around in the sun all day, so I made sure I drank plenty of water and I was fine! (I did get severe heat rash around both ankles though, that was pretty horrible)   I am however so, so pale as you guys can tell in all of our pictures! I NEVER tan, I just freckle every where and go a little pink. I can't go out in direct sunlight without 50 sun cream, so in the summer at home I usually wait till the late afternoon before going out and sitting by the pool as to avoid sun burn. I've always found this quite ironic, the fact that I have the skin of a vampire that burns so easily yet my parents named me after the hottest season of the year aha!

So, how do you dress in this kind of heat? Something light and flowy, that doesn't stick to your back and doesn't pinch under the arms. Let your skin breath. Be comfortable. Embrace the weather. I wore this look one afternoon in Orlando. Simple and casual, the stitching on the shorts were the perfect touch. Paired with my new Stan Smith trainers, I was ready for another adventure.
Summer xx

Summer is wearing:
lace top + shorts : Zara
trainers : Stan Smith
bag : Urban Outfitters


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