10 June 2015

FL in film - part I

Harley, our brother & Holly outside the villa in FL

There's something so satisfying about using a film camera: the sound of the shutter, waiting for them to be developed and finally re-discovering all the pictures you forgot you had taken!

We've been using our Canon A1 film camera for about two years now, however it's only recently that we've been putting in a lot of effort whilst taking film pictures. It takes a while to understand how your camera works, it's worse with a film camera because a bad photo means money wasted. You just need to practice, practice practice! Now that we're confident with it, we've been using it more frequently! Well, as frequently as we can afford. In France, 3 rolls of Kodak 35mm film costs around 15 euros, which is about 17 dollars or 10 british pounds. It then costs 8 euros to develop one roll. The cost soon builds up, but a friend of ours recently bought 10 rolls of Fujifilm for about 23 pounds on Amazon! Definitely going to start buying my film online too! 

These pictures were taken during our holiday in Florida a few weeks ago. So many happy memories were made, it was truly amazing! I'm so so grateful that I was able to experience a family holiday like this. I love travelling, and these past few months have been quite eventful! Hope everyone is having a great week, thank you all for your lovely comments! We've noticed that we've gained a few followers on Instagram lately, we post more frequently there! @summergoldilocks and @hollyxread !


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