2 June 2015

Downtown Kissimmee

We reached Downtown Kissimmee at the best possible moment, the sun was setting in the distance, coating everything in the beautiful early evening light, from blue to pink to purple. Kids were playing in the park, laughing, couples were sitting on the pier, admiring the view, and families sat in the grass enjoying their picnics. Once again we felt quite overwhelmed by the beauty and serene atmosphere of the place. I'm really excited to share these photos, we made so many happy memories in Florida, I remember feeling so grateful when we took these. I wish I could go back there now, sit on the bench that overlooks the water, and just watch the waves and the occasional alligator.

Summer & I will have just returned from London by the time this post is live, visiting family and friends, a perfect getaway after the stress of sorting out our university applications for Canada, again. London is one of my favorite places, even though nothing will ever beat Florida weather. (follow us on Instagram for more regular updates!) We've noticed that we've gained more followers recently, and we'd love to go check out more blogs, leave us a comment so we can get to know you all! Thankyou again for all the comments, we really appreciate it! 

Holly xxx


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