19 June 2015

Burgundy blue

We still have so many pictures to post from our trip to Florida over a month ago (really want to go back!) I miss the tropical weather. I miss the restaurants, the places and the people... I miss Denny's milkshakes. And the burgers. Even the granola tasted better.

Coming back to today's outfit post : I'm still in love with this dress I bought quite a while ago in Topshop, I rarely wear it, keeping it only for special occasions (this was our last meal out in Orlando!). It was perfect for an evening out because it fits perfectly without being too tight on the waist or under the arms, giving me ultimate comfort when I was stuffing down my last over-sized meal at the Texas Roadhouse. (I need to make a photo diary and show you all the pictures I took of some of the meals, it makes me stomach rumble just thinking about it!).

We took these in the evening before going out for dinner, just on the street outside the villa we rented for the holiday. I love the backdrop so much, it might not surprise american readers, but the layout and design of all the houses and streets are just so different to what we're used to in France (and in the UK). Summer will be posting her outfit on a separate post this time :) 

Hope you're all having a good day!
Holly xx


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