5 June 2015

Brick Lane - London

There's something so special about London. Every time I go, I see something new that amazes me. London is well-known for being multi-cultural, a place where you get to see so many different people with different backgrounds, and such a wide-range of style. London is the fashion hot-spot. That's why I love exploring the parts of London which offer shops and markets that sell 'unique' items. And the best way to do that? Explore the city with someone who lives there! This day we met up with our friend Eloise who showed us all these beautiful spots. I've always believed that some people are 'fashionable' in a way that they follow trends and wear high-street clothes, and there are also people who create their own unique look using vintage pieces. & there are people who do a mix of both. That's the beauty of fashion, whatever you buy and wherever you buy it from, you have the ability to mix and match items to create a unique look that stands out. There are so many times where I've hesitated to ask people if I can take a picture of their outfit because they look so cool- whether it be someone dressed in expensive brands or vintage/grungy items! I think they look amazing. & I love how we can appreciate someone's style, even if you don't consider it similar to yours. 
Coming back to Brick Lane, where most of these photos were taken - it's home to multiple Vintage shops with some amazing unique pieces. They always inspire me to be more creative about my style. 
We visited Brick Lane with our friend Eloise during our stay in London the other week- we had so much fun exploring the little streets which are decorated with amazing street art, chilling in a nice cafe with a peanut butter milkshake and cookies... Does it get any better?!
Holly xx

Our friend, Eloïse

Summer - Southbank


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