14 May 2015

Hair Color & Personality

Summer - current hair
Holly - current hair color

     S : Growing up, Holly & I had very fair hair. I'm not talking about blonde, I'm talking about Targaryen-like platinum blonde, and it was amazing! However as the years went by,  my hair went through different stages of blonde. The platinum blonde became more of a golden blonde in my mid-teens, and more recently became a dirty blonde with a hint of honey undertone, even verging on light golden brown, especially during the summer months! I'm no expert though, so how would you define my hair color? (People have begun using the term "Bronde", sounds pretty accurate!) Holly has recently gotten highlights in her hair, and I'm hoping to get a balayage done, or maybe something a little more drastic. Any thoughts?

We recently discovered the new brand Madison Reed, after looking at their website, I found two hair colors that seemed closest to my current, natural color: Ravello Blonde & Como Light Brown! Their hair dye selection can be found here, and you will find that their products do not contain the harsh chemicals that most hair dyes have. I've always struggled to find a company that does this and that also has great results, and I'm looking forward to trying out their products in the future! We decided to create a blog post around our hair color and personality, in the hopes of breaking through stereotypes. We've all heard the "blondes are dumb, redheads have fiery tempers and brunettes are attractive" speech, and I, for one, have to disagree with these assumptions.  

So what does my hair color say about my personality? Do I fit into the typical blonde stereotype box?

S : Blondes supposedly have more fun, the "bombshell", are less serious-minded than brunettes, are weak, naive, only interested in their looks, high maintenance, mean and popular... Not exactly how I define my personality.

H : Stereotypes aren't always bad, but I've never thought I belonged in the 'blonde stereotype' box. Many people actually get bullied because of their hair color, especially during their younger years. Don't need to look far to see how some redheads are treated. Growing up, people would use 'blonde' as an insult. It's actually still pretty common where I live. I've always believed that you have the ability to express yourself through your hair style and/or color, it's a fun thing to play around with, and it can boost self-confidence. I think you have to pretty brave to go full-out with your hair style/color, so I always admire people who are brave enough to do exactly what they want with their hair, ignoring people's harsh remarks. (You guys should check out our friends Rosie's hair, just wow) I do think that hairstyles can reflect people's personalities, but at the same time, people are more than just their looks. There are many other ways to express yourself. Although I'd encourage anyone to play around with their hair color if they want a change, and see how much it affects their self-confidence, I'd also encourage people to be more accepting and less judgmental towards people who change their looks frequently, and to those who are happy with what they've got. I for one, love my curls and my natural color, I believe it's one of my best assets, but does it reflect my personality? Hard to say, I suppose that's a question that someone close to me and who really knows me could answer better than I could.

S : I've always considered myself pretty shy, a bit of an introvert, not much of a party girl. More classic than trendy. I would rather stay in and binge watch Daredevil than go out partying or to a bar. My confidence has grown over the past few years thanks to university, and I believe I'm a serious student, hard working and determined. I've never really identified with the blonde stereotype, and couldn't be happier that these stereotypes are being crushed today! My hair color and style has always been a bit of a safety blanket, which is probably why I rarely change my hair. It's one of my most complimented assets, & I am happy with how it looks naturally, although I have been thinking about making a change more recently. 

What about you, what do you think about your hair color and your personality? Do you agree with stereotypes? Does your hair color define who you are as a person?

 Hair evolution : 

  • Early teens!

  • Now:


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