10 May 2015

Florida Part II - DisneyWorld

You are never too old for Disney movies. That's a fact. Even if you haven't watched any Disney films recently, whenever you recognize a beloved character or even a song, the childhood (and adolescent!) memories come flooding back in a wave of nostalgia, bringing tears to your eyes. The next thing you know, you're queuing to meet Merida and running around the park hoping to meet Woody & Jessie.

It's impossible to not enjoy yourself here, it's such a wonderful atmosphere: everyone is happy and smiling, people from all over the world brought together by a common love & admiration. As an avid film & theater lover, I couldn't help but admire all the theatrical elements, not only the sets that are beautiful but the visual & sound effects in the rides and different areas of the park.  My favorite moment was the Daytime Parade, I found the Nighttime Parade a little disappointing as it only had a few characters present, but it was still an enjoyable show. The light show on Cinderella's Castle before the fireworks was pretty impressive, although I think it was definitely created for a specific age group, but still enjoyable none the less!

We only spent one day at Disney. At first we were considering a few days, the last time we went to the Florida park Holly & I were about 7 and our brother 9, and our grandparents also accompanied us. I think if you are in the same age group as us, it's safe to say that you probably only need a day pass! Especially if you get there early in the morning, it gives you plenty of time to wander around the park.

These pictures are a lot more personal than usual as it was a family day out, so my outfit wasn't really a priority! I decided to wear my trusty old Levi cut-offs with a simple top! I bought some Stan Smith trainers before going, hoping to wear them everyday but unfortunately a few days before going I wore them to break them in a little and ended up with horrible blisters on both feet D: So I wasn't able to wear them at all during the entire holiday which was pretty annoying! Hope you guys enjoy this post, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us! (And once again thank you all for your lovely comments, we read & appreciate every single one!) Summer xx


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