24 April 2015

Far Horizons

A huge weight lifted off my shoulders as I finished my last university essay yesterday evening. Nothing beats the feeling of closing all the tabs you had open for your work!

In the early hours of tomorrow morning, my family & I will be on our way to Paris, our first step towards Florida! Needless to say, I'm freaking out a little! I can't wait to wind down a little, these past few weeks have been pretty stressful, and after a doctor's appointement today I found out I have a sinus infection due to a cold I've had for almost three weeks now. It's amazing what effects stress and lack of sleep can have on your body. I've been trying to keep up with my usual work-out schedule, but there is nothing worse that feeling weak and tired! A holiday is truly welcome right now!

I can't wait to capture everything on camera, it's been too long! I have so many outfits I can't wait to shoot, and I'm looking forward to shooting in beautiful locations in Orlando, Florida. If you know of any nice restaurants or anything please share, I would love to visit them!

I have almost finished packing, just need to decide on trainers as my Stan Smiths aren't worn in enough yet for a full day of walking around. (plasters are a necessity!) 

I wish all fellow students good luck for your exams, remember to take time off for yourselves, Have a cup of tea and a biscuit, watch an episode of Brooklyn 99. It's always the waiting that's the worst! Summer & Holly xxx

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